China Drug Innovation Showcase

The China Drug Innovation Showcase is a featured highlight of ChinaTrials 9. The showcase will feature 20 the top China innovative drug developers who will present on the most exciting and promising drug candidates currently in their preclinical and clinical pipelines. This type of showcase is the first of its kind in China that you will not want to miss!

Dajun Yang
Chief Executive Officer

Ascentage Pharma is a China-based, global-oriented, clinical-stage biopharmaceutical company, dedicated to discovery and development of the “first-in-class” and the “best-in-class” targeted small-molecule cancer therapeutics. A rich portfolio of innovative small-molecule agents has been discovered and developed through the company’s unique, robust, and world-class innovative drug development pipeline. Currently, Ascentage Pharma has three molecules in phase I-II trials in US, Australia and China, and another four molecules at IND reviewing or IND-enabling stages.

Ascentage Pharma focuses on clinically validated cancer targets. Its established R&D platforms include: inhibitors to a number of key proteins, including Bcl-2/Bcl-xL, IAP and MDM2-p53, that restore a tumor cell’s apoptotic program; 2nd and 3rd generation of kinases inhibitors that overcome mutants resistance issues in cancer patients; inhibitors to epigenetic targets with enormous potential in oncology therapy.


Bertril Lindmark
Chief Medical Officer

ASLAN Pharmaceuticals is an oncology focused biotechnology company developing a portfolio of immunotherapies and targeted drugs, focusing on Asia prevalent tumour types. Led by a highly experienced management team with global pharmaceutical expertise, ASLAN is headquartered in Singapore with a platform which reaches across the region via its offices in Taiwan, China and Australia, enabling the Company to conduct and support regional clinical development programmes. The Company’s proprietary pipeline of 4 development-stage candidates addresses multiple indications including gastric and breast cancers and inflammatory diseases. ASLAN’s most advanced compounds are in phase 2: ASLAN001, a pan-HER inhibitor with phase 2 data in gastric cancer, being developed in cholangiocarcinoma, breast cancer and gastric cancer; and ASLAN002, which targets RON, an immune checkpoint inhibitor, and cMET.



John Oyler
Chief Executive Officer

BeiGene is a globally focused biopharmaceutical company dedicated to becoming a leader in the discovery and development of innovative, molecularly targeted and immuno-oncology drugs for the treatment of cancer. We believe the next generation of cancer treatment will utilize therapeutics both as monotherapy and in combination to attack multiple underlying mechanisms of cancer cell growth and survival.


Crystal Xu
Senior Director and Head of Clinical Development

CANbridge Life Sciences Ltd. is a bio-pharmaceutical company accelerating development and commercialization of  specialty healthcare products for serious and critical medical conditions in China and North Asia (Korea and Taiwan).  CANbridge develops partnerships with Western bio-pharmaceutical companies with clinical-stage pharmaceutical, medical device or diagnostic products that are either unavailable in China/North Asia or address medical needs that are underserved in the region. CANbridge also licenses or obtains exclusive rights to commercialize drug and device products that are approved in their home markets for commercialization in China and North Asia.  Headquartered in Beijing, CANbridge is a privately held bio-pharmaceutical company with a mission to accelerate development and commercialization of life-changing specialty healthcare products in China and North Asia.
CANbridge’s strategy is to bridge world’s richest product pipeline to one of the fastest growth markets through its highly efficient commercial platform.
Its founder and CEO, James Xue PhD, MBA was a former Genzyme executive and founding general manager of Genzyme China.
With its world-class management and advisory team, CANbridge has the capability to select, acquire, develop and deliver future therapeutics and diagnostics with high potential to meet seriously unmet medical needs among Chinese and Asians.


Zhi-Qiang Ning
Executive Vice President, Clinical Research & Development

Chipscreen is a leading integrated biotech company specialized in discovery and development of novel small molecule pharmaceuticals. The company has utilized its proprietary chemical genomics-based discovery platform to successfully develop a portfolio of clinical and preclinical stage programs in a number of therapeutic areas. Its core competence is the science-driven approach in discovery, strong pipeline building capability, experience with IP, and regulatory expertise. Chipscreen's business strategy is to generate differentiated drug candidates across multiple therapeutic areas. Drug candidates are either developed by Chipscreen or co-developed and commercialized in a partnership at the research, preclinical and clinical stages. Chipscreen was established as Sino-foreign joint venture in 2001 by several highly regarded Chinese returnees from the United States with academic, scientific, and industrial experience.


Yi Zhang
Vice President, Clinical Research and Development

Hua Medicine is a leading clinical-stage, innovative drug development company in China, focusing on novel therapies for the treatment of diabetes and CNS disorders.


Ye Hua
Senior Vice President, Head of Clinical Development & Regulatory Affairs

Hutchison MediPharma (HMP) is   an innovative biopharmaceutical company based in China and the Innovation platform of its parent company, Hutchison China MediTech Limited (HCM). Established in 2002, HMP is aiming to become a global leader in the discovery, development and commercialization of targeted therapies for oncology and immunological diseases.

HMP, has a large scale and fully-integrated in-house research and development (R&D) team of over 300 scientists and staff, which has developed and progressed a broad pipeline of novel oral drug candidates for cancer and inflammation.

HMP’s R&D team use a chemistry-focused approach to develop highly selective small molecule tyrosine kinase inhibitors that are intended to have global first-in-class efficacy or be sufficiently differentiated to be global best-in-class, next generation therapies with a superior profile compared to existing approved drugs that act against the relevant kinase targets. These novel oral compounds for cancer and inflammation are currently in development in North America, Europe, Australia and Greater China and are deliberately engineered to improve drug exposure and reduce known class-related toxicities.


Simon Li
Vice President of Global Clinical Development & Regulatory Affairs

Luye Pharma Group Co., a professional pharmaceutical enterprise built on a solid foundation of  research and development and focusing on the largest and fastest growing therapeutic areas——oncology, cardiovascular system, alimentary tract and metabolism, and central nervous system.


Helen Jiang
Chief Medical Officer

The Qingfeng Pharmaceutical Group has established its footing in many areas of biomedical research such as infection, cancer, cardiovascular,  and nervous disease research. The group has opened six large pharmaceutical research centers including the Jiangxi Qingfeng Pharmaceutical Research Center, shanghai Qingfeng R&D center,  Taikang T-mab, Hangzhou Rongli research center , and denovo biotech ,  where we have developed  small molecular , large molecular , and natural pharmaceutical research. We have also been noted three government‘s “十二。五” nation support and one national key  research lab. In 2014 the company gained 38 million in actual profits and is one of the pharmaceutical powerhouses in the jiangXi Province. Based on its solid financial foundations and power of innovation, the Qingfeng Group has become one of the 100 most powerful companies in the country. With a business motto of "love life, protect health" and guided by goal of delivering high quality products to fulfil clinical demands, Qingfeng continues to provide strength to the Chinese health industry through reliable services and reputation.


George Yeh

TLC is developing nanomedicines for the treatment of oncologic and ophthalmologic diseases and as well as for the management of acute and chronic pain. The company’s proprietary Lipid-Assembled Delivery (LipAD™) technology is highly scalable and versatile, enabling the design of sustained release and targeted therapies capable of reducing toxicities and improving effectiveness. TLC’s advanced programs include TLC388 (Lipotecan), a first-in-class chemo-radiosensitizer for oncologic indications such as hepatocellular carcinoma and rectal cancer; ProDex (TLC399), a durable treatment for macular edema secondary to retinal vein occlusion and TLC599, a sustained release treatment for the management of pain associated with osteoarthritis.


Ning Xu
Executive Vice President, Head of Clinical Development and Regulatory Affairs

Zai Lab is a biopharmaceutical company dedicated to discovering, developing and commercializing innovative medicines. Our vision is to address the largest unmet medical needs and transform patients’ lives around the world. We take a unique approach to combine both in-licensed products and internal R&D to achieve a rich pipeline. We believe our drug candidates can be truly disease modifying and bring significant benefits to patients.